How to use outdoor handle boat

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How to use outdoor handle boat

The rowing machine is a common home fitness equipment that simulates rowing movements, so that the muscles of the legs, waist, upper limbs, chest and back can be well trained.

Common rowing machines usually use high-quality steel as the center slide. The surface is sandblasted, oxidized, anti-corrosion and stainless, the slide is smooth and flat, the symmetrical cylinder is damped, and the hand resistance is evenly adjustable in 3 steps.

The action of rowing machine can be generally divided into four stages: water entering, pulling paddle, water discharging and returning paddle. At the beginning of the use of rowing machine, the rowing machine action can be decomposed one by one and slowly become familiar. Let's take a look at the action of the four rowing machines.

1. Water entering stage

Torso: Fixed and maintained at the returning stage. The forward tilt angle is complete.

Upper limbs: shoulders relaxed, arms relaxed and straight.

Lower limbs: The angle of the knees that the individual consciously and comfortably approximates that the calf (tibia) is perpendicular to the slide rails.

2, pulling the paddle stage

Torso: The unfolding of the body angle is to complete the paddle action with the upper limbs when the lower limbs are about to complete.

Upper limbs: The support of the hand in the initial stage of pulling the paddle is very important. Although it is not the main source of power, the closer to the stage of water discharge, the more the hand shows the bending and the use of the back muscles, the more important the combination is.

Lower limbs: The force exerted by the legs on the pedals is the first to start in the paddle and the most important source of strength. Therefore, the rapid use of thigh strength (the quadriceps is the most important) stretching the angle of the knee joint will be the key to determining each oar.we are outdoor handle boat from factory,we can guarantee quality.

3, the water stage

Torso: Moderate back.

Upper limb: Pull the grip under the ribs.

Lower limbs: The legs are completely straight.

4, back to the paddle stage

Torso: Tilt forward in the direction of the leaf fan.

Upper limbs: The shoulders are relaxed and the arms are gradually straightened.

Lower limbs: When the body is tilted forward and the arms are relaxed and stretched, the legs are slowly bent.

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