Rowing machine correct action and exercise method Where is rowing machine exercise?

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Rowing machine correct action and exercise method Where is rowing machine exercise?

1.Warm up before exercise

Before using the rowing machine, it is necessary to warm up, and all parts of the body can be put into exercise more quickly. Such as jogging, raising legs, swinging legs, stretching, etc., the time is 5-10 minutes, so that the body can be slightly warm.

2,preparation before exercise

(1),the foot is placed on the pedal, fastened with a belt to ensure that it will not move freely. It should be noted that it is not possible to barefoot, and it is easy to cause pain in the sole of the foot during exercise.

(2),hold the handle, but do not over-tighten, it will easily make the arm fatigue faster.

3,the correct posture during exercise

(1)When starting to use the rowing device, the knee is bent like a chest, and the upper body is slightly inclined forward, and the head should be raised and the chest should not be bent over.

(2),then start to force the leg to stretch the leg, and use the contraction force of the latissimus dorsi to pull the handle to the upper abdomen. When the legs are fully extended, the body is tilted back to achieve the best results. But don't be too inclined, it will easily lead to strain on the back muscles, tilting about 11 degrees.we are outdoor handle boat from factory,we can guarantee quality.

(3)Finally, straighten your arms, bend your knees, move your body forward, and return to the state at the beginning.

4,the four stages of exercise

outdoor handle boat from factory told In addition to mastering the basic exercise posture, the rowing machine can be divided into four stages: water entering, pulling paddle, water discharging and returning paddle.

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